Cluster Performance Monitoring (CCPM)

The CCPM Step by Step

Launch of the CCPM process: This is done by the gFSC. The gFSC will review the questionnaire if and when needed, upload it on the data collection platform (Qualtrics) and share the launching message with all countries with an active cluster or sector.   

  • The survey/questionnaire is currently available in four languages English, French, Arabic and Spanish.  
  • It requires around 10 minutes to complete and is anonymous. The lowest identifier is the type of organization the respondent works for (ex: INGO, national authorities, etc). The survey/questionnaire should only be shared with active cluster/sector partners. An active partner is defined as a partner who has submitted regularly inputs to the food security 4/5Ws in the coverage year, in addition to other partners that are deemed relevant to the coordination structure. For example, government/ministry counterparts, inter-cluster/sector coordination, donors, Red Cross/Crescent Movement, etc.).  

Country level launch of the process: This falls under the role of each FSC coordinator (or IM when applicable) though the dissemination of the data collection platform.  

Country level report review and validation workshop: The gFSC reviews the data and provides country teams with a summary report of the findings. The coordinator should organise a workshop/meeting with the cluster partners to review the findings and discuss ways forward. A template for the CCPM workshop feedback mechanism is available in English and French