• 15.8M People in Need
  • 15.8M People Targeted
  • 8.6M People Reached
  • $1.4B Funding Requested (USD)
  • $85.1M Funding Received (USD)
  • $1.3B Unmet funds (USD)

Response Plans: HRP.

Figures updated for: January to March 2024.

Country overview

The Food Security and Agriculture Cluster (FSAC) in Afghanistan was established in 2008 and is co-led by WFP and FAO with NRC as NGO in a co-chair role. The FSAC has had a dedicated Cluster Coordinator since October 2010. In 2011, the FSAC underwent a review process that resulted in a TOR being developed which identified the FSAC's main aim to provide an action-oriented forum for bringing together national and international humanitarian partners to improve the timeliness and effectiveness of humanitarian assistance on the lives of the crisis-affected population in Afghanistan. The FSAC is also operational at a sub-national level in six regions of Afghanistan.

Over 245 partner organizations, country-wide are active in the FSAC, including 67 international NGOs, 160 national NGOs, 2 Red Cross/Crescent-related organizations, 6 state-level line ministries, 12 UN agencies, 2 research institutes